The Musical Home Journal was published by Cassell’s between 1904 and 1908. It was aimed not at the professional performer, but rather the home amateur. Most of these would be enthusiastic self taught musicians playing at home simply for the love of music. With little opportunity to take lessons, these amateurs needed music suitable for their limited abilities.

The aims of MHJ and its intended market were in line with those of John Cassell’s earliest publications. “Working Man’s Friend”, first published in 1850, was a weekly magazine aiming to educate its readers in a manner sympathetic to the life of working-class people. From 1852 “Popular Educator” inspired readers to continue their education in local classes, with Cassell offering practical and financial help where needed.

Like any other business Cassell’s no doubt hoped for a profitable venture.  A variety of factors may have influenced their belief that there was a market for the magazine.  These include:



Music Hall

Piano Ownership



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