Composer Index

In alphabetic order of composer surname.  Click on the title to go to the music.

Gladys Adamson & Margaret Haycraft
Molly Aroon

Frank Adlam
A Day In London

Frank Allen
Just From Georgia
Let It Go
The Songs of Scotland
Spring Flowers

Henry Farmer, arr Frank Allen
A Merry Xmas

A Pryor, arr Frank Allen
A Band Contest

HR Allen
Maid of Athens

Harold Ashton
Merry Harvesters

Evelyn Baker
Air de Ballet
Cheerful Cockneys
Petite Gavotte

Victor Barnby
The Dolls
Skipping Rope Dance

Henry Baron

Odoardo Barri
Taken By Storm

James C Beazley
March Mignonne
Petite Barcarolle
A Woodland Reverie

Edward Belleville

Cyril Bertram
The Brook
A La Francais

John Blockley
The Prince of Wales Band March

John Blockley & JE Carpenter
Floating Away

Theo Bonheur
The Birthday March
Brave Boys
Easter Festival March
Hosanna in Excelsis
Little Blue Eyes
March of the Tin Soldiers
Melody in G
Merry and Bright
The Merry Highlanders
Shepherds of Bethlehem

Charles Gounod, arr Theo Bonheur
Selection from Faust

Albert Le Brunn
Waverley Gavotte

Felix Burns
Belle of the Ball
A Bunch of Roses
The Daisy Chain
Evening Shadows
Life Guards Barn Dance
Military Review
Off To The Ball
Song of the Sea Shell
A Woodland Scene

Luigi Capella
Venice by Moonlight

Joseph Haydn, arr J Carter
The Heavens are Telling

Bruce Chambers
Harvest Thanksgiving

Temple Chambers
Spring Flowers

G P Cittadini, arr
Two Irish Airs

John Crook

Harry Dacre
She Is A Sensible Girl

Mark Dafnal

William Smallwood, arr Curtis Davey

Claude de Vere
Circus Ride, A
A Japanese Rickshaw Ride
Dutch Dance

B Draghi

Ernest Dukinfield
March of the Dwarfs
Spider Dance

M Durand

Mark Emrey
A’Richt the Noo
The Birthday Morn
Dream of the Ball
Entr’acte Silicia
Polish Peasant Dance
St George & Merrie England

Florence Fare

Graham Ford
New Years Day
New Years Eve

Mendelssohn, arr Louis Franklin
Memories of Mendelssohn

Virginia Gabriel
Ave Maria

Henry Galkin

Charles Gounod
O Margarita from Faust
Waltz from Faust

Thelma Graham
Love Knots
The Regatta
Rustic Revels

Ida Hampden
The Argyle
Birthday Greetings
English Melodies
L’Entente Cordiale
Harvest Time
Irish Melodies We Love
Melodies We Love – Country Dances
Melodies We Love – Flowers
Melodies We Love – Jovial
Melodies We Love – Love Songs
Melodies We Love – Nursery
Melodies We Love – ‘Pathetic’
Melodies We Love – Sims Reeves
Melodies We Love – Toasts
Merry Harvesters
Russian Dance

Guiseppe Verdi, arr Ida Hampden
Selection from Il Trovatore

A P Wyman, arr Ida Hampden
Silvery Waves

GF Handel
March in D from Scipio

J P Rameau, arr Herman Hauser
Two Minuets

Valentine Hemery
Mazurka on Sweet Genevieve
The Naval Brigade
The Song of the Anvil
The Song of the Brook

P Hertel
The Fireman’s Galop

Georgeanne Hubi Newcombe

Edward Hulme
Air de Ballet

Edward Jacobowksi
Christmas Eve
The Night Patrol
Sweet September

Rosas Juventino
Over The Waves

HW Kasten
Venetian Beauty

Herbert Kirby
Voluntary in G

Paul Latour

Henri LeJeune
Moorish Patrol

Rosa Lingard
All At Home
The Army and Navy Quadrilles
Duchess Quadrilles
The Merry Home
St Patricks Day Quadrilles

Alan Macey

Alan Macey & Melita Bexley

Scott Mackenzie
Whirling Whispers

P Manelli
Dance of the Fairies
Joyful Moments
The Marionette’s Polka

Charles Gounod, arr P Manelli
The Hour is Late

E Marie
La Pergola

Angelo Martini
Cloister Echoes
Festival Parade

Alex Melville & Harry Lauder
Bonnie Hielan’ Mary

Frankel Meyer
In Old Alabama
Fun of the Fair
The Parade March

L Middleton
Christmas with the Old Folks

Eileen Moore
The Language of Precious Stones: August – Sardonyx
Language of Precious Stones: June – Agate
The Language of Precious Stones: October – Opal
St Valentine

Frederic Mullen

Franz Nava, arr
Across the Broad Waters

Pascal Needham

Barry O’Connor
A Trip to Killarney

TR Ollerenshaw & Edward Oxenford
I Live For Thee

TR Ollerenshaw & Alfred J Tyrer
The Songs You Used To Sing

Carl Olma
The Riviera

Hugh O’Neill
An Irish Night

James Ord-Hume
At Eventide
Fairy Gambols
An Indian Durbar
In the Ranks No 1
In The Ranks No 9
The Life Of A Sailor
Military Quick March
Royal Horse Guards Parade March
Royal Wedding March
St George’s Day

Sydney Paget & Tom Robinson
Home and Song
Merry Mr Miles

Daisy ME Pledge

Henry Pontet & SK Cowan
The Lord of Life

Paul Raiman

Ezra Read
Airs of All Nations
Airs of All Nations 2
Airs of All Nations 3
The Boys’ Brigade
Christmas with the Old Folks
Golden Hours
Harvest Hymn
On a House Boat
Irish Lovers
Merry Fairies
An Old Fashioned Xmas
Orange Blossoms
Royal Palace
Sabbath Evenings – Consolation and Eternity
Sabbath Evenings – Faith, Hope and Charity

Edward Rimbault, arr
Eily Mavourneen

Jules Riviere
Vicar of Bray
Ye Banks and Braes

GF Handel, arr Jules Riviere
Largo in G from Xerxes

H Roban
The Motor Race

Claude Rosalind
By The Seashore
Echoes of the Alps
Flowers In May
King Edward
Rippling Waters
The Spanish Minstrel

Dudley Roy
Con Amore
Little Mary
Pardonnez Moi
Pit a Pat
Woodland Violets

Carl Rubens
Wild Flowers

Alan Scott
A Souvenir of Venice

Walter Shephard
The Only Way

Walter Shephard & Victor Marsh
A Fishy Tale

William Smallwood
Rosebud Waltz
The Venice Galop

Austin St John
Enchanting Hours
The Pixies Promenade

Ed St Quentin
The Republican Guards

Ed St Quentin & Huan Mee
My Lady Flirt

John Philip Sousa
The High School Cadets

Wilfred Stanford
The Orchid
Sweet Flowers – Lilies

Joseph Stein
My Favourite
The Pantomime Schottische
St George
Sunny Days
Whispers of Love

Joseph Stein & Mark Lovell
The Man in the Submarine

Arthur J Taylor

Ivan Tchakoff
Punch and Judy

Seymour Tempest

Jules Therese
Danse Espagnol

Felix Thorel
Allegro Moderato
March in D
Sabbath Evenings – Andantino in G
St Andrew
Voluntary in G Major

Vincenzo Bellini, arr Felix Thorel
Grand Selection from Norma

Mendelssohn, arr Felix Thorel
Allegretto Un Poco Agitato

Henry Tolhurst
Country Dances
Cradle Song
The Last Rose of Summer
Pensive Moments

Vincenzo Bellini, arr Henry Tolhurst
Casta Diva from Norma

FW Kucken, arr Henry Tolhurst
The Flight of the Swallow

John Parry, arr Henry Tolhurst
Norah, the Pride of Kildare

F Scotson Clark, arr Henry Tolhurst
Marche aux Flambeaux

Arthur Trevelyan
Dreams of the Dance
Flirtation Waltz
La Guarina
A Jewel From The Em’rald Isle
The Railway Porter
The Seaside Girls
The Stars and Stripes – Fantasia on American Airs
Tommy’s Favorite
The True Born English Girl

H Trotere

H Trotere & Clifton Bingham
Long Ago Land
Mountain Daisy
The Wreck of the Mary Jane

H Trotere & Ed Oxenford
Home at Last

Guiseppe Verdi
Home to our Mountains from Il Trovatore

Oscar Verne
Chinese Dance
The Morris Dancers
The Village Choir
Valentine Memories

Klaus Waldeman
Dance of the Goblins
Dinah’s Wedding
Golden Spangles
Imitation of a Banjo

Mack Fairfax, arr Theo Ward
The Island I Built In My Dreams

FE Weatherly & Maurice Hamilton
A Young Briton

Milton Wellings & Cyril Clayton
Love Tide

Vincenzo Bellini, arr Langton Williams
March from Norma

CD Wilson
The Chapel Bell

Banks Winter

Sweet Jennie Bell

Carl Wormser
Fairy Land